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Don’ forget to comment your favorites, I hope this gets you motivated for the 2021 🙂

My Top Five Favourites (aka. the ones you HAVE to listen to)

Love It If We Made It by The 1975: For anyone who doesn’t usually like The 1975, try this one. Shouting the lyrics to this song in my room in confinement brought me indescribable joy. as Matty Healy says himself: “It’s the gem of hope amongst all of the rubble”

Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat by Del Water Gap: Everything about this song makes me want to dance. Not proper head banging, sweaty, jumping up and down music, more a gentle sway along, maybe the occasional air drums.

Politics and Violence by Dominic Fike: Despite the title, this song has no specific topic and simply has a brilliant flow to it.

Worth it by Beabadoobee: We can’t always be happy, but if we’re going to be sad I think we should choose to do it to beabadoobee. Her music is really confessional and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who maybe struggles to enjoy Billie Eilish (no hate towards her she is literally amazing and she will definitely be on some of my next playlists, she’s just not everyone’s cup of tea) but still wants to be in their feels.

777 by Joji: Make sure your 2021 is starting off with some blessings. My little brother and I get so hyped to this song – Arguably the best song on his latest album Nectar.

Happy New Year everyone ! Enjoy,

Tili <3

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