Hi everyone, it was my birthday this weekend and I need to complete my study tips so this isn’t a playlist but I hope you’ll still enjoy the songs 🙂

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here are a few songs I could not live without. I probably listen to them at least 5 times a week and they’ve very much been there for my “main character” moments.

The truth is, you may not like these, but i hope you enjoy the stories that go with them

“Slow Dancing in the Dark” by Joji

October of 2019, I went on a school trip to China with my language class. I had been listening to Joji for a couple of weeks, but Slow Dancing in the Dark was by far my favourite. My friend and I had been left in our host family’s home alone. It was night time and he was practicing chinese characters, whilst I listened to music quietly on his speaker.

Must admit, staring out at the opposing apartments with joji playing, mid argument with my soon to be boyfriend, in a strange country, tired, emotionally exhausted and down six cups of black coffee (for jet lag, although we were already on our second week so that may have been an excuse) felt like heaven. I should have realistically felt like crying but humming “slow dancing in the dark”, in the freezing cold brought me too much peace to care. I could have stayed there forever. 100% recommend listening to late at night.

“The Winner Takes it All” by ABBA

This song is probably one of the first songs I ever leant to play on the piano. I have never done it as a cover, mainly because I think it would be too hard to. Not only does it require a lot of range (ahaha sorry), but it makes me feel rather vulnerable. I tend to have a very “if they don’t want me it’s their loss” attitude. Sadly, if I really care about someone I don’t usually give up until I can no longer carry on. This song holds a lot of the frustration I’ve felt over the past three years. Nothing beats singing this song off key (click here to check out some of my covers).

I don’t think I could really tell you when this song started to mean so much to me. However, I clearly remember singing it on my way home after a frustrating day at school: bare arms, crying, cold (nothing is worse than being mad and hot). I don’t really play this song around people. In fact, it is very far from my actual music taste. I think it’s a little too personal. We have shared many a low moment, “The Winner Takes it All” and I.

“Wings” by Birdy

*stares into the distance trying to remember any positive songs that bring me joy*. This was admittidly hard. This song is poetry. My best friend used to drive me around a lot on his moped before coronavirus. I sang this song, hands in the air, as we crossed the seine. It was a warm summer evening, golden hour and the speed we were at brought a refreshing breeze. Naturally, I was singing like a banshee, but an ontune banshee nevertheless.

Singing is, in my opinion, the purest form of expression. You will not sing a song that does not match your mood. If you don’t like the song you won’t know the lyrics, and even if the song doesn’t reflect your feelings, you can usually tell what people are feeling through their tone anyway.

That’ll be all in music this week. I’ll be back wednesday for some more study tips.

Do check out these songs whenever you need a moment to let out your feelings (positive or negative).


Tili <3

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