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I am NOT screenshotting all the songs on the playlist this time because its very time consuming.

However, I am going to express my opinions and love for this playlist (because you guys totally asked for this).

Quick note

There is no particular order to this playlist, nor is it complete. I will probably keep updating it throughout summer. I’ve left it collaborative as I would quite like to see what you’re all listening to (so please don’t be afraid to add your own music). Also you may participate in hot girl summer if you’re a guy 🙂 comment or contact me if you have any questions.

My favourites

Sarah Kinsley makes me dramatic. I want her music to be the soundtrack of every one of my main character moments. You have probably heard her song “The king” if you’ve been on tiktok in the last few months. Whilst the intro is gorgeous, the rest of the song remains incredible. Any song that’s fun to scream at the top of your lungs deserves a special mention.

You may notice that there are quite a few (a lot) of ABBA songs. I can’t help it. They immediately cheer me up and I spent two weeks in portugal dancing along to that playlist. The mama mia soundtrack is capable of making rainy england feel like england.

Peaches. Im not usually a Justin Beiber fan but I think it’s worth listening to it just for Giveon (If you go through a heartbreak this summer, or you need to be in your feels, his new album is beautiful).

The kiss of Venus by Paul McCartney and Dominic Fike is the best song on this playlist. hands down. At least for now. If a guy doesn’t make me feel like this song does, I don’t want him. Its a catchy love song with guitars (look i know it’s not the best description, deal with it and then listen to the song 🙂 ) think It’s great for everything and anything. Plus it cheers me up. <3

Of course, you have a few iconic songs such as: Obsessed, Kiss me more and The Spins. Otherwise, I hope this playlist pleasently surprises you.

Have a great hot girl summer, don’t hesitate to add your own songs and, most importantly, Enjoy !

Tili <3

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