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Message n*1

You can’t stop responding as soon as you sense a social interaction coming. I get the whole “not wanting to face the world” thing, ok ? I really do, like better than most people. I’ve gotten crap for everything I’ve done since preschool and I hate school. I’ve wanted to quit, I have had days in a row where I just couldn’t do it.

The reason I go back every time and take more crap is because I’ve decided that I’m not going to be a quitter. Not just going to give up. I decided that I was going to be amazing no matter what everyone else told me. People sometimes chose to support me and I held on to them, that’s why I continued.

Message n*4

Ok great story *insert name*, why the hell do I care? Well you care because the world hasn’t been nice to you, it’s been a pain. You’ve been getting more and more crap for your grades. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna end, as a matter of fact it’s going to get worse, if you stay home instead of going to school. But you still have a choice.

Anyway all this to say that you need to choose to just go for it and suck up those 0s.

I can promise you one thing that if you come back those 0s will eventually turn into 5s, which will eventually turn into 10s, which will get you your bac (french exams) and out of this torture.

But the only way to get back to the 10s is for you to go back out there and just suck up the 0s and 5s.

It’s not gonna be fun at all ok but you have people that will support you. You need to embrace the fact that there will be a ton of crying, and being pushed further down, and that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

You just need to rip off the bandaid like you never have.

It’s gonna hurt but you have friends that will help you push through and that are willing to do virtually anything to help you, but you need to take the first step.


I had to make some changes to keep both of their anonymity and to make sure it made sense.

I personally have never had to deal with teachers not believing in me or putting me down. However, if you cannot find your motivation to work in school, find it in spite. Prove everyone wrong in the best of ways. I belive in you 🙂

Futhermore, please don’t go to school if it is compromising pre-existing mental health issues, you need to get medical help, or you can provide yourself with a healthier, better solution. I know school isn’t for everyone so please just take care of yourself.

So sorry I haven’t been able to make the time to post this week but I will be uploading much more content next week. (I will be completing study session).

Until then, Enjoy,

Tili <3

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