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I apologise for being late, but I promise it was for good reason. I wanted this to be the message of hope it is intended to be.

Dear Diary,

Nobody ended 2020 without faults and dificulties and you will, most definitely, enter 2021 with them. Despite the terrifying events occuring in the US, take comfort in the knowledge that you can only solve a problem once you know what it is. No, 2021 was never going to be easy. 2020 accentuated and highlighted many underlying issues, now it’s time to resolve them.

If you cannot trust in others, trust in yourself this year.

You may not be able to save the world, turn back time or heal others, but you can do your part- you can take care of yourself.

Be, un-apologetically, the best version of yourself. Life is far too short to live a two dimensional existence, to not truly live it.

What to Bring into 2021

2020 taught us so much.

Be compassionate in 2021. Compliment strangers, help out a classmate struggling with studies, check up on your friends, donate money and if that’s too much, just wear a mask (it’s the least you can do).

Time is precious, so use it. I know that most of us are currently in confinement but I plan, when I’ve had the vaccine and things start opening up again, to spend every free moment making memories. In the mean time, read that book your friend recommended, learn how to cook, make plans for the future. Do not waste your time

You can always start again. 2020 was a painful, irritating mess, do not hesitate to rid yourself of it and move on. A gentle reminder, your marks do not define you and most certainely don’t guarantee your happiness. You can always go work in a little coffee shop in Portugal, or a bookshop, go ahead and do what you want rather than what you’re told to do. Become a mechanic !

Start a new hobbie, adopt new habits, give your dreams a chance.

Believe in yourself, you can do this. we can do this.

Until next week, take care of yourselves and, Enjoy,

Tili <3

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