2020 was tough. I know most of you have already heard this or even said this yourselves. But it’s true. I speak as someone who only had to do confinement. Many people had it much harder than I did this year.

However, it took a worldwide pandemic to make me realise that I could not and would not keep living the way I was (bold words for a 16 year old but bare with me).

We need to, in my opinion, start taking pleasure in all the little things we do, continue to actively help each other and better ourselves. I am done waiting for life to happen to me. I am done letting days slip by. Done not living the fullest.

So Welcome to my blog, my name is Tili and this is

Tili is Done

Each week I choose a specific theme to talk about. The aim of this blog is to make you, us, the readers (hi) happier, more confident and knowledgeable. Please remember that this is a place of positivity and a safe space of compassion.

The schedule

Monday Music: Every week I make a new (or updated) playlist to set the tone for the week. There is no way you are going to know all the songs. We’re all here to discover something new; plus, you need a sound track for your brand new life and I’m happy to oblige. Feel free to offer your own suggestions and knowledge in the comments 🙂

Trips & Tricks (Wednesdays): The clue’s in the name. These mainly come from personal preference or opinion but they are always justified and hopefully useful. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions.

Dear Diary (Friday): On Fridays I do a little wrap up of my week and the theme. If you need a mental boost, a cheerful message or a friend, these entries are conversational and simply there to offer a calm soothing or even funny end of the week. The goal is always to make you feel better after reading these messages <3

Adventure Time (Sunday): Last but not least, Sundays are adventure time. I am trying to romanticise the beautiful thing we are all given, called life as much as I can. In these small sections I share a small moment or something I’ve done the week before.

Saturdays are a wild card 😉

Let’s all start living life again, through big and small changes

Enjoy! And till next time, byyeee

Tili <3

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