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I would love it if you guys commented your own recommendations or favourites

Okay girls, get your pen and paper out: it’s time to take notes. There are just some songs that all the guys at my school vibe to. These are obviously my favourites so this is 100% subjective.

These are what some of the guys I know like, you will not like all of these for sure. Don’t worry, quite a lot of these are in English and they kinda snap…

This is just a starting point but it should help you figure out what you like 🙂

If rap isn’t your thing then It’s probably because you haven’t given it an actual chance. It’s such a diverse and powerful form of music. Even if you’re not planing on talking about music with a french boy online, LISTEN. <3

I hope these help you a little bit. Good luck !!


Tili <3

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